Power Generation

Itasca works at the interface between electrical power generation and the subsurface environment that we live on to help develop sustainable power for future generations. More than ninety percent of the world’s future energy sources lie beneath the surface of the earth. Unlocking this energy in the most efficient manner requires careful engineering of the host rock. By-products and waste from power generation need storage or disposal in a manner safe to human life and with minimized impact on the natural environment for thousands, if not millions, of years to come.

Sustainable Energy Development
  • Engineered Geothermal Systems
  • Hydrothermal
  • Nuclear Reactor Plants
  • Nuclear Waste Isolation
  • Wind Energy Turbines
  • Hydroelectric Dams
  • Hydroelectric Power Houses
  • Thermal Plants
  • CO2 Sequestration

As well as pioneering rock engineering and rock mechanics research and development in underground nuclear-waste isolation for over 30 years, we are helping develop new sustainable technologies in hydro-electric, geothermal and wind power. We continue to be at the front of high-level nuclear waste disposal feasibility studies worldwide in all rock types spanning hard rocks, salts and clays. We are transferring knowledge of complex rock processes to thermal and chemical behavior in fracture network engineering of geothermal systems and the underground confinement of CO2 in sequestration projects.

  • Excavation Damage and Disturbed Zones
  • Engineered Barrier Evaluation
  • Dynamic Response to Earthquakes
  • Water Supply
  • Groundwater Infiltration
  • Deep Well Injection of Blowdown Waters
  • Impacts of Ash Disposal Facilities on Groundwater Quality
  • Rock Characterization
  • Geophysical Investigations
  • Non-Destructive Examinations
  • Microseismic and Acoustic Emission
  • Cap Rock Integrity
  • Site Feasibility and Suitability
  • In-Situ and Laboratory Testing
  • Hydro-Mechanical-Thermal-Chemical Coupled Effects
  • Fracture Flow Analysis
  • Regulatory Guidance and Review
  • License Application Review

Society’s future will depend on advances made in energy and minerals (metals and nonmetals) production, groundwater, sustainability, and the use of subsurface for infrastructure, storage, and habitat. Our resources are becoming increasingly rare and increasingly more challenging and expensive to extract. Itasca is helping to build that future through forward thinking engineering.