Applied Seismology

Itasca has pioneered the application of microseismic, acoustic emission and ultrasonic technologies to the monitoring of rock, concrete and engineered materials. Its seismic processing software InSite™ provides comprehensive functions for microseismic monitoring, from data stream triggering to failure mechanism interpretation.

InSite-HF is Itasca’s specialist software product for setting up a microseismic hydraulic fracturing project and then guiding the user through data acquisition, processing, and interpretation. Microseismic events can be located through simple and complex velocity models. Manual and automated waveform processing can be carried out with comprehensive import and export of raw and processed event data. Seismic events, field objects, geological structures and analysis objects can be visualized within a 3D volume.

InSite-Geo is an integrated data acquisition, management, processing, visualization, and interpretation software developed for seismological studies. It provides a solution for all seismology applications, ranging in scale from acoustic emissions in the laboratory, through microseismics around mining and petroleum fields, up to regional-scale earthquakes.

InSite-Lab is an integrated data, processing, management, and visualization software suite developed for the processing and analysis of acoustic emission and active ultrasonic velocity surveys (e.g., laboratory rock testing and field rock testing experiments and rock mass monitoring).

All InSite products are developed in a version-controlled environment within a quality management system. InSite has been available as a commercial product for two decades and has been used by leading companies for quality assurance, post-processing, reprocessing, and advanced analysis.

Itasca can offer: seismic hazard and risk assessment; structure integrity monitoring and modeling; safety and containment monitoring of underground geological storage; evaluation of induced seismicity; and blast vibration monitoring and seismic alarm systems.

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