Academic Programs

Itasca has a long tradition of partnership between the classroom and the professional engineering practice. The company began on the campus of the University of Minnesota, and actively pursues efforts to broaden this tradition of support and collaboration with colleges and universities around the world. Itasca understands students' and educators' need for state-of-the-art tools and the urgency to train engineers to solve the challenging problems that earth-resource engineering will encounter in the 21st century. It is one of Itasca's core goals to help foster the future generations of geotechnical and geomechanical engineers.

Itasca operates three programs that can put these tools into the hands of students, researchers, and lecturers, to help them tackle and resolve world-class engineering problems. These programs are the Itasca Teaching Partnership (ITP), the Itasca Educational Partnership (IEP), and the Itasca Software Training Scholarship. Itasca also provides software discounts for qualified educational institutions.

Itasca Education Partnership

The Itasca Education Partnership (IEP) is intended for graduate students who intend to make significant use of advanced numerical modeling software in their graduate study and thesis work. The student must apply for the program. Acceptance is limited. The program includes mentorship, training, and software loan options. Applications are reviewed twice a year.

IEP Program Guide

IEP Suggested Research Topics

IEP Departmental Recommendation Form

IEP Application Form



Itasca Teaching Partnership

The Itasca Teaching Partnership (ITP) provides university educators with access to Itasca software to use as teaching tools in their classes. By bringing real-world tools into the classroom, students can better understand how numerical modeling is performed. This program is intended for university instructors who must apply for the program and sign an agreement outlining acceptable use of the software. The software is loaned for the duration of the course (typically one semester).  Program applications are reviewed twice each year.

Application Deadline: Two months before class start date.

ITP Program Guide

ITP Application Form



Itasca Software Training Scholarship

Itasca offers students tuition-free admission to the introductory training courses on FLAC, FLAC3D, 3DEC, UDEC, PFC2D, PFC3D (listed below). These are introductory courses that provide elementary access to the power of Itasca software and are an excellent stepping stone to mentorship in the IEP program or possibly internship at Itasca. The program covers the cost of course registration (valued up to $3,000 (USD), depending on the course). Students are expected to cover all other costs, including travel, lodging, and meals.

Application Deadline: Due two weeks before course start date.

Itasca Software Scholarship Guide

Course Location Course Date   Application Link
FLAC Introductory Training Minneapolis, USA March 26- 29, 2018 Apply (PDF)
FLAC3D Introductory Training Minneapolis, USA March 5 - 8, 2018 Apply (PDF)
Numerical Analysis in Geomechanics using 3DEC Minneapolis, USA April 23 - 26, 2018 Apply (PDF)
PFC Introductory Training Minneapolis, USA April 9 -12, 2018 Apply (PDF)