Itasca has long believed in collaboration between the classroom and our office. In fact, Itasca originated on the campus of the University of Minnesota. In an effort to continue in this tradition of support and collaboration with colleges and universities around the world, Itasca has developed its IEP program.   

Itasca has developed programs to assist in putting our software tools into the hands of student researchers and professors. These programs are the IEP RESEARCH PROGRAM for students, and the IEP TEACHING PROGRAM for professors.

IEP Research Program

As a company, Itasca is committed to furthering the disciplines of geomechanics, hydrology, geochemistry and geophysics, both in research and in practice. We consider it a natural part of that commitment to identify individuals who share this commitment at early career stages; many of whom become future partners, collaborators, clients or Itasca employees.

The IEP Research Program is intended for graduate students with a desire to utilize Itasca software in their research. The student must apply for the program and acceptance is limited. This program provides the student with a one-year loan of the requested software as well as mentorship and possible scholarship for introductory trainings held in Minneapolis.  To participate in the program the student agrees to use the software for research purposes only and to recognize Itasca in any publications created using the software. Renewal of the loan is dependent upon review of an annual report to be provided prior to expiration.   

IEP Application

Department Referral Form


Applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify for participation in the IEP Research Program:

  1. Be enrolled in an accredited university or college;

  2. Have previous experience with numerical modeling; and
  3. Research project must not be funded in any way, at any level, by a for-profit company.

Itasca reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time.


IEP Teaching Program

The IEP Teaching Program provides additional seats for use by students when a copy of the software is purchased by the university. This program provides up to 10 seats for each one license purchased, with a maximum of 30 seats for a particular software (three licenses purchased). Although the software purchased is the property of the university, the additional seats are active for one year, and can be renewed twice, for a maximum of three years.  After three years a new agreement will be drawn up if desired.  The software can be used for teaching and/or research purposes only.

Professors participating in the IEP Teaching Program must agree to maintain the software at the current version to qualify for renewal, and supply Itasca with documents created using Itasca software (published papers, course curriculum, example problems, etc.). Professors must also agree to acknowledge Itasca in any research publications created using the software.

IEP Teaching Agreement

Itasca reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time.