Griddle – Advanced Grid Generation Software for Engineers


Itasca is excited to announce its newest product, Griddle, has just been released. This software is a fully interactive, general-purpose mesh generation plug-in for the Rhinoceros 5.0 3D CAD software. Griddle can be used to remesh Rhino surface meshes to comply with precise size specifications and type (triangle or quad-dominant). The remeshed surfaces can then be used as boundaries for Griddle’s volume mesher, which produces high-quality tetrahedral or hex-dominant meshes. The volume meshes are ready for import into most engineering analysis packages, including FLAC3D and 3DEC.

Griddle extends, while leveraging, the power of Rhino software (sold separately), and consists of the following:

  1. Griddle Surface Mesh Intersector for creating a conformal (node-to-node) triangular mesh from any number of intersecting meshes
  2. Griddle Surface Remesher for transforming an existing Rhino surface mesh into a high-quality triangular, quad-dominant (triangles and quadrilaterals), or all quadrilateral mesh
  3. Griddle Volume Mesher for creating a tetrahedral or a hexahedral-dominant mesh using selected surface meshes as boundaries, and
  4. BlockRanger, also a Rhino plug-in, is included free with Griddle. After partitioning your model into tetrahedral-, prism-, and hexahedral- shaped solids using Rhino, BlockRanger will automatically mesh these volumes with high-quality, mapped, all hexahedral elements.

KUBRIX Geo 15.0 owners are eligible for pricing discounts when upgrading to Griddle. If you purchased KUBRIX Geo after June 1, 2016, Griddle is available for free. Please contact Software Sales if you have any questions.

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