InSite 3.14 Now Available

IMaGE is pleased to announce the latest releases of the InSite family of software. There are additional developments and feature enhancements across acquisition, processing, visualization and interpretation. The highlights in v3.14 include the following.

Visualization of multiple parameters using iso-surfaces

InSite supports 3D visualization of multiple source attributes including seismic moment, signal-to-noise ratio, S-P energy ratio, etc. Three dimensional surfaces (iso-surfaces) can be generated and adjusted dynamically for full pattern analysis. The figure (below) displays the distribution of S-P energy ratio and highlights the region with dominant shear failure.

Color events by engineering data

The microseismic events can be colored and scaled by user provided engineering data, including the injection pressure, proppant concentration, flow rate, etc. so that the occurrence of microseismicity can be better correlated with onsite operations. As shown in the figure below, the microseismic events are colored by Treatment Pressure and scaled by Slurry Rate. You can look for correlations between the microseismicity and the engineering parameters. (Note: this data is for demo purposes only and has no real-world significance)

A new look for InSite documentation

The format of the InSite help manual and technical appendix, have been updated to improve the navigation and increase the accuracy of searches across the documentation. Additional explanations have been written to document new features and make older features easier to use.

All InSite products: InSite-HF v3.14, InSite-Geo v3.14, InSite-Lab v3.14, and InSite-Design v3.14 are available to clients under the annual maintenance program and can be obtained from the IMaGE website, where full release notes are available. The free version InSite-Viewer v3.14, and InSite-Demo v3.14 are available to download. Please visit our webpage here for more details.
We are continually working to optimize and enhance the functionalities and performance of InSite for all applications. Your feedback on the current tools and suggestions for future developments that would improve your processing is always welcome and appreciated. Please send your comments to consulting[at]itasca-image[dot]com.