Geological and Geotechnical CAD Software


ItasCAD is a 3D Computer Aided Design system for rock and soil engineering. It is organized on the practical, real-world geotechnical work procedures of data collection, data management and processing, geological modeling, geotechnical analysis, and engineering design. It also allows a worldwide team to collaborate on a single project by utilizing a shared database.

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  • Installed on server/cloud using portable computer devices for data collection and simultaneous communication around the world.
  • Data management to ensure information quality and security.
  • Geological and geotechnical data processing for the purpose of geological modeling and geotechnical analysis.

Geological Modeling

  • Use Discrete Smooth Interpolation technology to create geological models.
  • Well-designed and easy-to-use wizards leading to geological model constructions for open, semi-closed, and closed surfaces.
  • One-click modeling techniques to construct thin and waved soil layers containing pinch-out structure and lenses.

Geotechnical Data Processing, Analysis, and Design

  • Sophisticated joint analysis capabilities by taking advantage of the existence of 3D coordinate information of each joint sample.
  • Built-in empirical methods for rock mass classifications and property estimation. Data are collected and processed in small-scale elements to record the variations of rock mass properties in 3D space.
  • Features are available for tunnel deformation and stability analysis as well as ground support design.