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Known Issues:

  • The maximum proppant concentration is still hardwired to 0.7. It should probably increased to 1.0
  • Need to take a closer look at proppant stress when the new conductivity curves (indexed by proppant concentration and stress) are used.
  • Perforated tunnels:
    • simplified logic cluster volume calculation needs to take in consideration that the part of the
      perforated tunnel cylinder is already taken into consideration by the borehole volume;
    • generalize the logic for viscosity transition allowing switch from power-law fluid and include power-law fluid and fluid transition in the simplified logic;
    • resetClusterOnNodes is called after a stage is inactivated; it probably should not to avoid premature connection of the active fractures with those connected with inactive clusters.
  • Export grid function is limited to infinite horizontal plane seams. Will added ability to specify export extent based on top and lower seam for minimum and maximum Z coordinate and fractures location for X and Y coordinates.

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Latest Version: 2.00.88
Released On: Thursday, Jun 27, 2019

XSite 2.00 64-bit Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
88 Jun 27, 2019
  • During force-displacement, the pressure assigned to a sub-lattice spring is the interpolated pressure from the main lattice springs.
87 Jun 21, 2019
  • Pipes have been added to the model to compensate for the fact that springs located at the intersection of joints are deactivated and do not have fluid nodes. The lack of these fluid nodes was casing holes in the pipe network.
  • Added ability to import fluid node aperture and poppant concentration from previous models (File/import menu).
  • Added ability to plot pipes for a given aperture range.
  • In the simplified logic, the cluster pressure is assigned to the cluster fluid elements even if the cluster is plugged.
  • Allow user to input and override resolution box width when setting up stages design.
  • Sub-lattice velocity and displacement field plot items now show the correct Node ID of the Information window.
  • During force-force displacement and pressure change calculation the fluid node apertures are limited to 5 times the smallest resolution defined in the model.
  • Increased number of decimal digits to 6 for inputing stresses in the Seams dialog.
  • Added multiplication factor to convert pressure drop file when importing depletion data.
  • Fixed bug with sub-lattice joint area multiplier. The new logic initializes the area multiplier only if it is greater than zero.
  • Correction in area when accumulating history data for stimulated area for springs broken in tension or in shear.
  • Added flag on Microcracks Export dialog to allow user to export MC to a text file excluding quotation around text fields.
86 May 3, 2019
  • Check for loose node criterion before breaking springs from the latency list.
  • Checks loose node criterion during creation of the lattice for adaptive resolution.
  • Gap is interpolated during creation of the lattice for adaptive resolution.
  • Screenout criterion implemented assuming that the factor is ratio of aperture and grain size.
85 Apr 18, 2019
  • The sub-lattice area multiplier is now interpolated from the main lattice.
  • The increment in search of sub-lattice cells to be activated was reduced to 0.5 of the cell sizes in each coordinate direction.
  • Displaying number of zones on contour plot item allowing estimation of stimulated volume
84 Apr 2, 2019
  • Bug fix on security logic.
  • Fixed function that calculates pressure and flow rate for matrix contour plot item.
83 Apr 1, 2019
  • Allow negative value for constant pressure initialization
  • Preparing code to replace dongle with web-license lock.
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