Binod Paudel

Civil and Geomechanics Engineer

Mr. Paudel obtained his undergraduate degree in structural engineering and a master’s degree in computational mechanics. He has about seven years of experience in geomechanics/numerical-modelling and about ten years of experience in construction management in the context of developing countries. His geomechanical expertise includes extensive use of geomechanics software such as FLAC3D, FLAC and 3DEC; creation of complex geomechanical models and seeking numerical solutions for problems such as stability of the rock-mass, response to sequential excavation, sensitivity, backfill, sills and pillars; design of barricades, processing and statistical evaluation of geomechanical data; and analyses of the open pit slope stability, etc. His civil engineering expertise includes project planning and execution, construction and contract management, construction supervision, estimating and costing, document preparation, etc. He also served the United Nations as a civil engineer in several conflict regions around the world. 

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