Eric Swanson

Senior Hydrogeologist, P.G.

Mr. Swanson is a hydrogeologist with 20 years of experience in applied mining hydrogeology, geochemistry, and field program management.  He specializes in complex data acquisition programs and drilling projects, leading investigations for mining clients in over 20 countries. Focusing on hydraulic testing activities specific to mining and geotechnical clients, Mr. Swanson has extensive experience in designing and managing packer testing campaigns associated with core drilling programs, specialty borehole completion methods, such as vibrating-wire piezometer installations, traditional piezometer and monitoring well installations, and other drilling-related technical issues. Mr. Swanson also specializes in geotechnical core logging, innovative water-quality sampling techniques, traditional long-term pumping tests, packer isolated airlift testing, lugeon testing, and in-situ rock strength determinations using high-pressure isolated interval hydrofracturing methods.  

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