Hugues Nkulu


Hugues Nkulu received his B.Sc. in geology. He has gained practical experience on various mine sites across the Congolese Copperbelt, meeting with most of the different local geological facies. He has participated in several diverse projects and training in different geological fields, from exploration to geotechnics, as well as hydrogeology. Experience includes:

  • Hydrogeological site characterization
  • Drill hole targeting for water supply and mine dewatering
  • Drilling plan and supervision (RC and hydro drilling)
  • Pumping test plan and supervision
  • Data collection, management and analysis
  • Geochemistry (soil sampling)
  • GIS (mapping and analysis)
  • Water sampling (groundwater and surface water)
  • Geological mapping and reporting
  • Geological and geotechnical logging
  • Structural geology 
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