Photo Name Title
Jay Aglawe Mining Engineer
Ivan Akinshin Project Engineer
Catalina Álvarez Senior Geomechanics Consultant
Joel Andersson Joel Andersson Geomechanical Engineer
Christine Arnaud Administration & Accounting
Véronique Arroyo Administrative, Software Sales
Daniel Billaux President of ICSAS
Derrick Blanksma Geotechnical Engineer
Axel Bolin Geomechanical Engineer
Lauriane Bouzeran Geotechnical Engineer
Terje Brandshaug Associate
Anya Brose Geotechnical Engineer
Martin Brown Water Resources Manager
Richard Brummer President of ICCI, Principal Geomechanics Engineer
Ian Brunton Principal Geomechanical Engineer
Alejandro Cabrera Geological Engineer
Marco Camusso Geomechanical Engineer
Luis Cañabi Geomechanics Engineer
Christian Cancino Project Engineer
Aiwu Cao Civil Engineer
Pingzhi (Pindar) Chen Senior Geotechnical and Hydrostructure Engineer
Zhāo Chéng Senior Geomechanics Engineer
Wadzanai Brendaline Chimhanda Senior Hydrogeologist
Mark Christianson Principal Engineer, UDEC Product Manager
Weijiang Chu General Manager, Geomechanics and Engineering Geology
Luigi Cotesta General Manager and Principal Geomechanics Engineer
Zhen Cui Geotechnical Engineer
Peter Cundall Associate
Marielle Dahl Secretary
Branko Damjanac Principal Engineer
Caroline Darcel Principal Hydrogeologist
Fabian Dedecker Principal Engineer
David DeGagné Senior Engineer, Technical Marketing
Jacqueline Denison Technical Editor and Digital Archivist
Christine Detournay Principal Engineer
Rodrigo Dockendorff Rodrigo Dockendorff Project Manager/Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Dong Ding Senior Project Hydrogeologist, Ph.D., P.G., E.I.T
Diane Doolaeghe Beginner Researcher
Diana Duthe Principal Hydrogeologist, General Manager
Catrin Edelbro Geomechanical Engineer
Nils Ehringhausen Project Staff
Sacha Emam Geomechanics & Software Engineer, PFC Product Manager
Charles E. Fairhurst Chief Executive Officer, Itasca International; General Manager, ICG
Charles Fairhurst Associate
Marco Farías Accounting Analyst
Bruno Figueiredo Geomechanical Engineer
William Flynn Senior Instrument Scientist
James Fritz Software Engineer
Miguel Fuenzalida Geomechanics Engineer
Jason Furtney Chief Technical Officer / Senior Engineer
Guzmán Gancedo Technical Mining Engineer
Tryana Garza-Cruz Senior Geomechanics Engineer
Antonia Genot Project Hydrogeologist
Rima Ghazal Consulting Engineer
Ehsan Ghazvinian Geomechanics Engineer
Patricio Gómez General Manager, Applied Geotechnical Engineer
Manuel Gutiérrez Project Engineer
Braden Hanna Principal Geochemist, M.S., P.G.
Benjamin Harris Consulting and Contract Coordinator / Safety Officer
Jim Hazzard Principal Engineer, Software Manager, 3DEC Product Manager
Yoann Hebert Geotechnical Engineer
Sebastian Hortberg Geomechanical Engineer
Junwei Huang Geophysicist
Edmund Hughes Software Developer
Alan Jang Senior Project Hydrogeologist, Ph.D., P.E.
Allison Johnston Project Hydrogeologist, E.I.T.
Linda Jonsson Geomechanical Engineer
Charlotte Jourdan Accounting Assistant
Tatyana Katsaga Senior Geomechanics Engineer
Camille Kraak Camille Kraak Senior Information Geologist
Etienne Lavoine Junior Research Engineer
Romain Le Goc Hydrogeological Engineer
José Lemos Associate
Thalia Lewis-Mauricio Technical Services Specialist
Haihong (Helen) Li Accountant
Houmao Liu General Manager/Principal Hydrogeologist, Ph.D., P.E.
Ke (Nichol) Liu Regional Sales Manager
Shaoqiang (Reus) Liu Sales Assistant
Irene Llada Administration Assistant
Loren Lorig Principal Geotechnical Engineer
Augusto Lucarelli Principal Engineer
Nicola Matthews Business Systems Administrator
Karen Meerwald Office Administrator
Johanna Meneses
Guotao (David) Meng Director, Chengdu Office, Geomechanics and Engineering Geology
Steve Meyerhoff Senior Project Hydrogeologist, Ph.D., P.E.
Christian Missal Senior Consultant
Justine Molron Junior Researcher in Hydrogeophysics
Ray Najera CAD Draftsman
Miguel Navarrete Project Engineer
Michele Nelson Administrative Support Manager and Software Services Coordinator
Xuan-Phu Nguyen Geotechnical Engineer
Hugues Nkulu Hydrogeologist
Felipe Orellana Project Engineer
Leonardo Ormazábal Project Engineer
Marianne Page Technical Editor / Administrative Assistant
Bing Pan Engineer
Andrés Panes Project Engineer
David Pasquale Staff Hydrogeologist
Marisa Patrin Supervising Senior Accountant
Binod Binod Paudel Civil and Geomechanics Engineer
Anna Pavlenko GIS Analyst
Fredrik Perman Geomechanical Engineer
Lee Lee Petersen Principal Engineer
Ryan Peterson Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Howie Pince System Administrator
David Potyondy Senior Geomechanics and Software Engineer
Vanessa Prieto Staff
Paola Pulgar Office Administrator
Matthew Matthew Purvance Senior Software Engineer
Andrey Pyatigorets Software Engineer
Zorica Zorica Radaković-Guzina Senior Engineer
Lukas Radmann Hydrogeologist
Madelaine Reed Administrator
Azadeh Riahi Senior Geomechanics Engineer
Víctor Rivero Mining Engineering
David David Russell Chief Software Architect
Rolando Sanderson Administration and Finances Manager
Gregor Schweppe Project Engineer
Montserrat Senís Álvarez Geological Engineer
Glenn Sharrock Principal Geotechnical Engineer / General Manager
Junliang Shen Engineer
Rodrigo Silva Geomechanics Engineer
Jonny Sjöberg General Manager and Principal Rock Mechanics Engineer
Douglas Stearley Chief Financial Officer, Itasca International
Robert Sterrett Associate Principal Hydrogeologist, Ph.D., P.G.
Benedikt Stille Consultant
Daniel Stone Principal Hydrogeologist, Ph.D.
Mikael Svartsjaern Geomechanical Engineer
Liz Swaim Office / Accounting Manager
Jennifer Swanberg Data Solutions Specialist and Marketing Assistant
Christine Swann Financial Manager, Itasca Consulting Group
Eric Swanson Senior Hydrogeologist, P.G.
Chad Chad Sylvain User Experience
Krystal Syring Krystal Syring Accounting / Human Resources
Laura Tapias Senior Hydrogeologist
Lothar te Kamp General Manager
Su Teng Administrator
Cliff Tonsberg Project Hydrogeologist
Diego Toro Diego Toro Project Engineer
Maurilio Torres Senior Software Engineer
Manh-Huy Tran Geotechnical Engineer
Prashik Ukey Office Assistant
Philip James Usher Software Developer
Natalia Vacciana Software Services Specialist
George Van Dyk Senior Hydrogeologist
Varun Senior Geomechanics Engineer
Jessa Vatcher Geomechanical Engineer
Pedro Velasco Posada Geotechnical Engineering
José Luis Villa Project Hydrogeologist
Jin Wang Senior Geomechanics Engineer, FLAC Product Manager
Anna Weisshardt Consultant
David Wines Rock Mechanics / Geotechnical Engineering
Benedikt Wöhrl Consultant
Jiayao (Michael) Wu Deputy Director Chengdu Office, Rock Mechanics and Hydraulic Structure Engineer
Jianwei Xiang Senior Project Hydrogeologist, Ph.D.
Pei (Lily) Xie Administrator
Quan Xu Geomechanical Engineer
R. Paul Young Associate and Scientific Advisor
Judy Zetterlund Training and Education Coordinator
Yingbin (Andy) Zhang Regional Sales Manager
Yong Zhou Engineer
Yongsheng (Freddie) Zhu Geomechanics Engineer