Patricio Gómez

General Manager, Applied Geotechnical Engineer

Mr. Gómez is a civil engineer who holds a Diploma in Geomechanics Applied to Mining from the University of Chile and has worked in the field of soil and rock mechanics for major mining projects in South America for over 35 years, 25 of which are for Itasca.

He has a diverse background in mining applied geomechanics. On underground operations, his experience includes assessment of mining methods and recommendation of mining sequences for block caving operations, stability analyses for underground chambers and ore-pass sectors, as well as the evaluation of ground-support methods, analysis of rock mass degradation, caveability analyses, and stress field calibration. His main area of expertise is geomechanics for open-pit mines, including slope design at several scales, stability assessments and back-analysis of slope failures and dynamic analysis of slopes under effects of earthquakes. Surface consulting projects include static and dynamic stability analyses and the liquefaction potential of tailings dams, water reservoirs and waste dumps in highly active seismic areas.

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