Pere Pons

Senior Hydrogeologist

Mr. Pons is a geologist specialized in the field of hydrogeology with more than 15 years of work experience. He has experience in many geological/hydrogeological characterization studies of alluvial and karstic aquifers and also in fractured rocks with low permeability. He has worked in both the development of the hydrogeological conceptual model as in construction, calibration, and implementation of the numerical model and in the simulation of predictive scenarios. He is familiar with the use of FEFLOW to develop models of flow and resolutions to problems associated with seawater intrusion. He is also experience in the use of MINEDW.

Mr. Pons has also worked on various projects as a consultant to public entities in Spain (Basin Agencies and some Municipalities) and private companies. He participated as a hydrogeologist in Hydrological Plan studies of the Inland Basins of Catalonia in Spain, in the European Water Framework Directive. He has conducted studies of hydrogeological alternatives for urban water supply and of municipal strategic spatial planning. He has participated in several projects of contaminated soils and groundwater (LNAPL, DNAPL, heavy metals, etc.) that ranged from the characterization and assessment of the affected areas in both the unsaturated and saturated zone to the definition and implementation of preventive and corrective measures. In addition, he has experience in designing campaigns to monitor and control groundwater and in executing hydraulic tests to determine aquifer parameters.

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South America