Shawn Maxwell

President and CTO, IMaGE

Shawn Maxwell is President and CTO for IMaGE (Itasca Microseismic and Geomechanical Evaluation) based in Calgary. Previously he provided microseismic technical direction at Schlumberger, Pinnacle/Halliburton and ESG and has been a pioneer in the introduction of commercial microseismic hydraulic-fracturing imaging services to the oil and gas industry. Shawn was awarded a Ph.D. in microseismology from Queen’s University in Canada. He serves on various microseismic focused committees and workshops around the globe, and is currently passive seismic associate editor for Geophysics. Shawn is also a 2013 SPE Distinguished Lecturer (“What Have We Learned About Fracturing Shales After 12 Years of Microseismic Mapping?”) and the 2014 SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course (“Microseismic Imaging of Hydraulic Fracturing: Improved Engineering of Unconventional Shale Reservoirs”).

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