Wadzanai Brendaline Chimhanda

Senior Hydrogeologist

Wadzanai is a hydrogeologist with more than five years of experience specializing in hydrogeology, numerical modeling and environmental geosciences. She has experience in drilling supervision and piezometer installation; hydrogeological field tests such as pumping test, airlift recovery testing, packer testing, falling head testing and slug testing; water sampling (groundwater and surface water) and soil sampling; groundwater monitoring network design and implementation; hydrogeological site characterization and conceptual modelling; numerical modelling, dewatering design; environmental impact assessment; project management and contractor supervision.

Her background and experience covers a range of hydrogeology projects including pre-feasibility, feasibility, specialists studies for input into environmental impact assessments and numerical modelling for evaluating groundwater flow and contaminant transport and dewatering design for projects across Africa. She has develops technical scopes of work and cost estimating for proposals with a strong emphasis on field work, data analysis and conceptual modelling and technical reporting. She also serves as a liaison with clients and drilling contractors to meet project deliverables.

Wadzanai is a registered Professional Natural Scientist with an MSc in Applied Environmental Geosciences.

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