ITASCA's Mining Analysis Toolbox

A Comprehensive Mining Toolbox for Numerical Modeling, Seismic Analysis, and More


What Kinds Of Problems Can IMAT Solve?


  • Compute elastic stresses around mine workings
  • Compute plastic stresses and rock yielding around mine workings
  • Estimate surface subsidence and deformations around excavations
  • Predict displacements along faults and joints
  • Bridge the gap of mining seismicity to better understand your operation (option):
    • Capture model synthetic seismicity
    • Import mine site seismicity
    • Compare model seismicity to measured seismicity
    • Derive in-situ stress directions
    • Evaluate rock mass failure mechanisms
    • Track mine cave propagation via energy index and seismic source mechanism


Why Choose IMAT?

Explore IMAT's comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. Unlock powerful computing capabilities without needing to build meshes or work with data files or scripting. Discover why IMAT is the ideal choice:


  • Powered by FLAC3D for accuracy and results you can trust
  • Multiple material domains
  • Calculate and visualize stresses and displacements
  • Import mine geometries for visualization and model creation
  • Multiple constitutive models for rock including Hoek-Brown and Ubiquitous Joints
  • Model failure and plasticity
  • Seismic option for comparing synthetic and site seismicity (locations, magnitudes and mechanisms) to validate models with real-world data and see the unseeable to better understand your operation
  • IMASS option for powerful strain-softening analysis of mining

Ease of Use

  • UI-driven modeling with no scripting needed and clear property specification to increase efficiency and reduce errors
  • Simulate the mine plan as a series of staged excavations, incorporating real-time into FLAC3D and allowing easy comparison between model results and real-world measured information
  • Easy specification of material properties and in-situ stresses through dialogs with meaningful defaults included
  • Easy model creation via automatic octree generation
  • Extensive help system including dozens of how-to videos
  • Querying of stresses or displacements at specified points can be done simply by clicking on the finished model
  • Easy movie generation for interpreting results

Powerful Capabilities

  • Powered by FLAC3D
  • Combines multiple capabilities into one product
  • Block model visualization
  • Advanced seismic (option) analysis
  • Start using IMASS (option) in your mine scale modeling


  • UI-driven model building and an interface targeted to mining applications makes model building faster than ever (minutes or hours instead of days or weeks)
  • Powered by FLAC3D


  • Use Basic mode to quickly run simple elastic or plastic models with no distractions
  • Use Advanced mode to easily construct complex models with access to all generated FLAC3D data files to learn FLAC3D and customize models


Who Should Use IMAT?

  • Focus on safe operations, efficient mine planning, and mine economics
  • Incorporate real-time data and monitoring into models (e.g., seismics)
  • Efficiently evaluate multiple property sets and design scenarios
  • All in a user-friendly, interactive, structured modeling workflow


Licensing & Pricing


Annual Subscription Paid Monthly

  • Convenient web license
  • Monthly payment plan
  • Continuous product updates
  • Free technical support


Annual Subscription Prepaid

  • Convenient web license
  • Continuous product updates
  • Free technical support


Academic License

  • Student & instructor discounts
  • Contact salesperson for information

Let's Start A Conversation

Explore ITASCA's licensing solutions for organizations, universities, professors, and individuals. Contact us to find the ideal fit for your needs and optimize your geotechnical endeavors.

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