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Itasca Partners with Rescale for FLAC3D Cloud Computing

With the advent of web licenses, Itasca software can be run in the cloud on services like Amazon's AWS or Microsoft's Azure. A major advantage to cloud computing is that you can temporarily rent any number of advanced computers to obtain model results faster or perform sensitivity (or other parametric studies) in parallel across many computers. This makes modeling or parametric studies practicable and reduces the effort and cost of maintaining many computers or the latest hardware.

Rescale is a technology company that builds cloud software and services that enable organizations of every size to deliver engineering and scientific breakthroughs that enrich humanity. Itasca has partnered with Rescale to simplify the process of running Itasca software in the cloud. Rescale does this by pre-installing software in the cloud. Currently, Itasca has configured FLAC3D 7 for use via Rescale. Depending on your model and the hardware selected, you may see results on the order of 3x faster, or more. In addition to requiring a valid FLAC3D 7 web license, there is a cost associated with using Rescale's services, which also includes any fees from the cloud computing service.

Learn more about running FLAC3D in the cloud using Rescale in the following video.

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