Application for Itasca Educational Partnership (IEP) — Research Program

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University Affiliation

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Research Information

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Mentorship Request

Mentorship is a vital part of the IEP Research Program. If there is a member of Itasca International Staff you would like to request as a mentor, please note below.

Terms and Conditions — Applicable Upon Acceptance

1. The IEP Research participant must be a full-time student.

2. All software loans are to be sponsored by a faculty member, whose name and contact information must be included in this application. They will be contacted regarding your application and updated as needed throughout your program.

3. The IEP Research participant will use the loaned Itasca Software solely for education and IEP approved research and not for any commercial or other non-educational purpose.

4. The IEP Research participant will not take or send the Itasca Software, in any form or medium, outside the country in which the University is located.

5. The IEP Research participant accepts responsibility for any taxes or duties associated with delivery of the software.

6. The IEP Research participant understands any opportunity for research or project involvement that utilizes the loaned software and requires outside consultancy must be communicated to their mentor and offered first to Itasca.

7. The IEP Research participant will submit to Itasca copies of the results of any analysis completed with the software, including, but not limited to, publications, research papers, and dissertations.

8. The IEP Research participant will properly acknowledge Itasca and the software in any publications utilizing the results obtained with this software during participation in the IEP Research Program.

9. The IEP Research participant will submit a report each year of participation and a final report upon completion of the program.

10. The IEP Research participant will comply with all the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement for the Itasca Software.

11. The IEP Research participant will not copy, modify, or transfer the software, in whole or in part. Furthermore, the IEP Research participant is responsible for preventing any unauthorized use of the loaned software.

12. The IEP Research participant recognizes FLAC, FLAC3D, UDEC, PFC2D, PFC3D, 3DEC, XSite, and Griddle are the exclusive property of Itasca. Itasca retains all rights to this software, and nothing in this agreement abridges these rights.

13. The IEP Research participant assumes responsibility for the selection of the software as well as the installation, use, and results obtained. Itasca assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to any use of the software or any damage or loss that may result from such use.

By signing below, you verify that the information you have provided in this application is truthful and correct to the best of your knowledge and that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Itasca Education Partnership Research Program listed in this document.

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